CB Antenna 102 Whip Instructions?

Answer 102 whip antennas for CB radios describes a generic 1/2-wave antenna that is 102 inches long. This antenna is an effective length for long-range transmission and is often used in mobile application... Read More »

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Leather Braid Whip Instructions?

Anyone can make a leather whip with the right tools and the ability to make a braid. Choose what type of leather you want to use by weighing criteria such as leather cost, color and durability. You... Read More »

Auto Antenna Replacement Instructions?

An auto antenna is simply a long steel tube that picks up radio signals and channels them into you car stereo's head unit. Antennas are typically made of a thin-wall steel that can easily be bent o... Read More »

Coat Hanger Antenna Instructions?

Before the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's mandated June 12, 2009, switch to digital TV, a person could stick a paper clip into a coaxial cable port to receive broadcast television signals... Read More »

Lexus Power Antenna Replacement Instructions?

Replacing the Lexus power antenna is a job that takes you less than 30 minutes using just a few common shop tools. The antenna mast feeds from the top of the Lexus fender into the antenna motor wit... Read More »