CAn your baby come out normal if you have a baby with your relatives?

Answer the problume is when having intercorse with a relitive, is yes there is a slim chance of the baby being "normal" but the chances of it being deformed ( born with birth defects ) are very high.... p... Read More »

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What do you do if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you and now that he's talked about it you want to have the baby too but you want your parents to be supportive but you know they won't be?

Answer This is a decision you have to make for yourself. Remember, you're the woman and you're gonna have to be extremely responsible. Your parents should be left out of the equation here. Tell ... Read More »

If you have a baby with your family will the baby be deformed?

I'm guessing by that you mean a relative?Yeah, the child is bound to have some defects because the genes are too similar, and the mutations that an individual has (and therefore will have possibly ... Read More »

Can you have a baby with lupus and a normal baby?

You can have a child with lupus, and then go on to have a child without lupus. If you are asking whether or not you can have a baby when you have lupus, the answer is yes. Lupus pregnancies are co... Read More »

If your husband has delusional disorder and is on medication which he cannot stop can you have a baby when he is on meds and will the meds harm a baby and will your baby get the illness?

Answer If your husband has done any drugs in the past then this can cause delusions (meaning weed, acid, etc.) If not, and he truly has a mental illness then it's best for you to talk to your fami... Read More »