CAn your baby come out normal if you have a baby with your relatives?

Answer the problume is when having intercorse with a relitive, is yes there is a slim chance of the baby being "normal" but the chances of it being deformed ( born with birth defects ) are very high.... p... Read More »

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What is the normal procedure at labour ward if water bag burst and the chances to baby to drink the water because my baby was cp baby now?

What do you mean as in CP? Cerebral Palsy? Did the use a suction machine or forceps to help your baby come out? As your baby grew inside of you it had mucus plugs in its nose and mouth, to seal t... Read More »

What are the chances of a baby who lives through shaken baby syndrome coming out normal?

on the scall from 1-10 I would say 5%. if you have a baby in that condition than you have half a chance of him or her coming out normal.

Is a midget baby the same size as a normal baby?

It depends on what kind of dwarf it is. Most of them are the same some, but the smallest kinds are tiny.

Can you have a baby with lupus and a normal baby?

You can have a child with lupus, and then go on to have a child without lupus. If you are asking whether or not you can have a baby when you have lupus, the answer is yes. Lupus pregnancies are co... Read More »