CAn you hook up your computer to your TV to watch movies?

Answer You can do that. Provided your TV has a port that enables you to connect your TV Screen to your computer as a monitor. Nowadys all LCD and Plasma TV's can be connected to PCs. Refer to other sides ... Read More »

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Can you hook up an external hard drive to your blue ray player and watch movies?

Typically, you should avoid movies that want you to download some unknown player... Beware the ScamsYou should also be alert for scams related to video playback. The scams are usually related to "n... Read More »

Is there anyway that I can hook up my computer to my TV so I can watch movies on the TV~?

It would depend on your video card on your computer. Does it have DVI out? If so, you can use a DVI to HDMI cable and plug it into your TV. That's just for the picture-- for the audio you'd have to... Read More »

How do you watch blue ray movies on your computer?

You would either need to buy a Blue-Ray equipped computer, or have a blue ray drive installed in a 5.25" Bay on your computer. See Related Links for an example.

How do you get to watch free movies on your computer?