CANON F1 batteries?

Answer this is because better quality pictures are bigger in size so if you turn down the quality then you'll be able to save more pictures

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How many batteries does the Canon AE-1 take?

Canon EOS 300 manual SLR, Batteries?

The battery is called a CR-2, and you need two of them, any dealer can provide them. This is a multimode SLR using 35mm film, and it needs batteries for the on-board exposure meter, built-in flash... Read More »

Canon EOS 550D Batteries LP-E8?

I use this LPE8 battery as a spare battery for my EOS 550D camera. After almost a month of use I cannot distinguish between this and Canon OEM battery in terms of battery life, quality, ease of use... Read More »

Are LP-E8 batteries compatible with Canon 5D Mark III?…