CAMERA LENS HELP! Getting a 60D soon! need to know which to mount.?

Answer the 18-135 is a multi purpose zoom so it can be for telephoto down to wide angle, and i think the 18-200 was just a retaliation by canon from the nikons 18-200mm, if your looking for greater versat... Read More »

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I'm getting a new camera and I don't know which one to get. Help me please?

Get a Single Lens Reflex camera with standard 28-80mm lens as you see what you get through the a short beginners photography course so you'll know how to take better photos.Time of day is i... Read More »

Getting braces soon and need to know what to do?

ok ive had my braces on for 2 years now and u do get used to them so dont be scared! well for breakfast eat some tortilla chips or doritos or something bc once the braces are say bye bye to hard th... Read More »

Buying a canon eos ef-s lens soon (need help to compare these two)?

There is a lot that goes into lens design. The size of the lens does not necessarily determine the price. The larger the aperture and the quality of the glass determine price. Size only begins to m... Read More »

I need to turn a minolta mount lens to fit a nikon mount?

Can't be done. Even if you could find an adaptor that would let you mount the converted lens, you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity, due to the extra distance from the sensor.You'd be bette... Read More »