C programming - Python?

Answer If ord('a')== 97 and you have to get letters between a and z to print out as 0 to 25 just subtract 97. Since ord('z')==122 you'll find that minus 97 it's 25. Then do an if test -- if (x>25) x=x-2... Read More »

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How to Start Programming in Python?

Python is a good programming language for beginners that continues to be a good programming language when you're no longer a beginner.

How to Learn Python Programming Online?

Python is a powerful programming language that can be used in a variety of applications. It's also one of the easier languages to learn and it works well on almost every platform in existence. One ... Read More »

Programming in Python: Scripting mode?

A script is simply a text file. You will put the same statements into a text file, name it, and tell Python to run that file by sending the command "python" from your comman... Read More »

Python programming & binary trees anyone?

This site should help:…