C++ program on linux?

Answer You can use vi, vim, eclipse etc to create your C++ can use cat>>aa.C command alsoDo remember that in Linux the CPP program file name should have an extension of C (capital C)To compileg... Read More »

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How to Compile a Program in Linux?

Source code is a computer program in human readable form. However, the machine cannot execute source code. The code must be compiled into machine code before it is useful. In linux, the "make" buil... Read More »

How to Compile a C/C++ Program on Ubuntu Linux?

This article will show you how to compile a C/C++ program on Ubuntu Linux using the GNU gcc/g++ compiler. Additions were made in order to simplify and clarify the creation of a C/C++ program on Ubu... Read More »

How to Create Your First Qt Program on Ubuntu Linux?

The Qt (SDK) software development kit is a portable cross platform application user interface framework which works on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Qt SDK helps you create gra... Read More »

How to Create Your First Java Program on Ubuntu Linux?

This document presumes you have some kind of Java software development environment installed on your system such as Oracle Java, OpenJDK or IBM Java.If you don't have a Java development environment... Read More »