C++ problem really need help on fixing it.?

Answer You cannot do all things in all functions. Currently you have all functions having a get(). That means that none of the functions are looking at the same part of the sentence. Unless that is you... Read More »

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Problem with my ear Really need help!?

Hi, i would say use some "Otex" which is oil for blocked ears, it should work just tip you head side ways and sleep on the other ear. Or if you havnt got any Otex put 2teaspoons of olive oil into a... Read More »

PLASMA tv problem.REALLY need help! URGENT!?

Plasma TVs have a power supply for the gas cells that usually runs about 350 volts or so. It sounds, to me, like a filter capacitor has popped and will need to be replaced. Don't feel bad, the owne... Read More »

Printer problem! I really need help and fast!?

cartridge jams are often cause by paper jams remove the paper turn of the printer wait then turn back on and replace paper then go to the control panel go to printers and accessories and run a prin... Read More »

I have a penis problem guys. I really need your help in solving this, okay...?

oh dear, the guy who cut it off sounds a bit of an amature, sounds like he's taken too much skin off which has stunted your penis growth which is a shame. Your just gonna have to live with it, besi... Read More »