C++ problem really need help on fixing it.?

Answer You cannot do all things in all functions. Currently you have all functions having a get(). That means that none of the functions are looking at the same part of the sentence. Unless that is you... Read More »

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Fixing A Stuck Pixel - Alternatives Ways Of Fixing A Stuck Pixel On An LCD Monitor?

There was a recent article online where a PC writer explained how he 'massaged' a stuck pixel to get rid of it. He was setting up his gaming rig when he noticed a tiny stuck pixel in a corner of hi... Read More »

I am facing problem in opening Ork, I don't have problem in Gmail, while i am trying to open Ork, problem?

Dont worryTo Remove:1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to the processes tab 2. Look for svchost.exe under the image name. There will be many but look for the ones which have your username under the usern... Read More »

Fixing an LCD TV?

That sound like a cold Solder.A cold solder is a point were two contacts come to gather and as the were being soldered the contact was moved causing the solder to harden with a crack being formed b... Read More »

Help with Fixing Up an old computer?

HiJust re-install your windows from within windows. It will overwrite your present directory. Say YES. This way, you will have a fresh window with the advantage of not having lost any of your data ... Read More »