C or C++ programming language Which one should i learn first ?

Answer C and C++ should go hand in hand. Coz the initial steps i.e. using the cout/cin is much easier than using printf/scanf. Moreover pretty much every thing is the same in C++ as it is in C but do lear... Read More »

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I'm totally new to programming.....which language should I learn?

No matter you can chose any language but you have to work on that to imrove your skills and logic in that particular language, but you should go for C language and then C++ if you want to be a prog... Read More »

Which programming language should I learn next, Java or python?

Neither. If you already learned one, then move forward to advanced topics, not laterally to other languages.

Good first programming language to learn?

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew...the essentials of programming logic do not change from language to language. If you dislike it SO much then you better bow out now. Trust me, you don't want to turn arou... Read More »

Which programing language should I learn first FOR EXPERTS?

1. YA is full of retards, not experts. This is the wrong place to look for answers.2. You're not going to legally sell anything by borrowing code, content, or using mods that aren't your own.3. ... Read More »