C-Section Scar Treatment?

Answer As rewarding and life-changing as having a baby can be, it is not without its occasional drawbacks. For women who undergo a cesarean section, being left with a scar on your belly can negatively aff... Read More »

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How to Reduce the Scar From a C-Section?

A C-section or Cesarian section is a medical procedure that removes a baby from the uterus instead of having the mother deliver the baby vaginally. The incision created to perform a C-section leave... Read More »

IPL Scar Treatment?

The popularity of cosmetic laser treatments has soared since the early 2000s, since the procedures are effective solutions for correcting and preventing skin irregularities. Rapid technological adv... Read More »

Over the Counter Scar Treatment?

Scars are a natural way for the skin to heal a wound. Injuries to the skin such as a bite, cut, burn or acne lesions are considered wounds to the skin. The body forms scar tissue over all wounds. T... Read More »

Acne Scar Treatment?

Constant picking and prodding acne can cause the skin to become discolored and rough, resulting in a sallow and uneven skin tone. This type of scarring can be alleviated by following an effective a... Read More »