C Programming Question?

Answer Once you've passed the declaration of the local variable 'a', there is no way to refer to the global directly. However, you can declare a pointer to the global 'a', as long as you declare it befor... Read More »

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C programming Question...?

if n1 and n2 are the two given integers, you want to make sure n2 is the higher one if you are counting up from n1 to n2. (if n2 is lower, the counting wont work)that's (likely) why it's swapping ... Read More »

Java programming question..Please help!?

Neither person really answered your question about the use of printf(..).An exampledouble x = 17.234578;System.out.printf( "%.2f \n", x );will print17.23and go to the next line because of the \n

Computer programming question?

they are warnings about you not using some variables, they are not serious you can ignore's errors you have to worry about. your input and output could use some improvement though. learn to... Read More »

Java programming question! Counting letters in your name?

You can convert the string into a char array, and use the last index to print the last letter like this:char[] nameLetters = myName.toCharArray();//to print the last letter, remember it's the lengt... Read More »