C++ Help with optimizing code?

Answer Not sure where foo(ptr) came from, but it obviously doesn't belong. Remove that and the code compiles and runs.So the goal of this code is to measure the time required to do a brute force password ... Read More »

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Help with my dvd region code please boring but i need some help!!?

Check out this web site: - the left hand side under lists, choose DVD hacks and see if your TV/DVD is in the list.The hack is generally just pressing a sequence of butto... Read More »

Need color changing help with a CSS/HTML code, please help?

OldGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatusNewGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatus

Need Help with Java Code problem is with the math?

Your first calculation should be the correct one, since yes, you do need powers.However, you're printing the result of the second, wrong calculation.This should work:> double total = investment * M... Read More »

Can you help me with a rm-810 universal remote and need the code instructions to use with a teac dv-3120 DVD player?

Try any codes you can find for Sansui or Orion TV's. They are the same.