C# - Beginner to Expert, Help?

Answer Unfortunately I think your question misses the point. What you need to know is Computer Science, one of the courses you are on, not C#.Knowing and learning all the words in the English language and... Read More »

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An HDTV expert question, pls help!?

It is up to you to decide.DNR is noise reduction; medium sounds OK (strong may make the screen softer)Auto Motion: Middle sounds good;spdif: If you have a Dolby Receiver, set it to raw, otherwise ... Read More »

Vista EXPERT help needed?

If you wish to run programs and applications as an Administrator, then you need to have your Account established as such.You will need to make that modification under Control Panel within the User ... Read More »

I need a computer expert for help?

do a virus scan with good antivirus. and open up task manager when windows starts and in task manager click on file then new task and type 'explorer' and hit enter. This will solve your problem of ... Read More »

C++ beginner help questions?

2A)cin >> description;B)cin.getline(description, 80);11)east = west = north = south = 1;12)cout