By what means do digital cameras reproduce images?

Answer Digital cameras have no film but operate using a sensor chip and flash memory. Chip size affects the resolution of the picture and the hues and intensities of colors.

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What are images in digital cameras measured in?

Bytes, the higher the mega pixels, the more detail, the more bytes.

Can digital cameras record images other than still photos?

Can digital cameras and scanners allow computer users to add photographic images to documents and presentations as an integral part of the message or for visual appeal?

Answer Yes. Digital cameras and scanners general images (such as photographs or scans in the standard JPEG format) that can be simply copied and pasted (or dragged and dropped) into the document or... Read More »

What if cameras could reproduce?

Maybe we will see the worlds first 'Canikon' (I hate it when people use that term!)...I'd like my my Canon 40D and Canon A-1 to produce some kind of hybrid, but the FD/EOS compatibility means they ... Read More »