By loading folders,files,pictures,songs,m… does the weight of Hard Disk increase?

Answer never.... the memory in hardisk uses flip flop logic... when there is data, it is 1.. not there it is 0..where will the extra weight come from???

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If i use an external hard disk ,will it increase the disk space on my c-drive?

no, it'll add a new drive on your my computer

Does storing digital data on a hard drive increase the overall weight of the hard drive?

there's no increase in weight at all the data that is stored is magnetic in some ways similar to an old cassette tape but on a disk so changing polarity of the magnetic medium on the disk doesn't i... Read More »

Sata hard disk vs pata hard disko or ide hard disk tell me difference?

SATA is Serial ATA interface small cable with high speed.PATA is parallel ATA interface with Flat ribbon cable 40/80 wires cable.PATA is now not used anymore in new systems.

Does the weight of my computer increase if more information is added to the hard drive?