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Answer As an insider with close ties to a few of the online merchants out there, and having shopped with numerous others, I can vouch for Tiger Direct. They are a legit option and are an authorized and f... Read More »

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When buying a camcorder battery how do i get a good price without buying a potentially explosive iece of junk?

Whether you are buying a "brand named" battery of a "non brand name" battery... A battery is a battery. All batteries are pretty much made in China and all you are paying for is a name... These bil... Read More »

Camcorder buying advice?

My mom has a canon, u can get em from best buy, go to the camcorder section, some are really good, good luck on buying one

Help in buying canon dc-320 DVD camcorder?

The focus is adjusted on the lens, not on the camera body itself. For a lens which has autofocus (almost all modern lenses) there will be a small slider switch on the lens, close to the body of th... Read More »

Worth buying Canon Camcorder?

"Although it still uses MiniDV Tape but with HD, it reviews that it has great raw images compared to so-so with SONY"Unless you've got a good reason not to use tape, you've pretty much answered you... Read More »