Buying a reasonably priced HD video camera for film production (UK)?

Answer Canon EOS 7D, 6D, 5D Mark III, or if you want to go out there, Canon 1DX.

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Film & Video Production Colleges?

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I need help finding a good, reasonably priced HD video camera?

You did not tell us which Mac, which version OSX or which version of iMovie. Look into the Canon HF R series. Unless you are outdoors on a bright sunny day or under stage lighting being correctly u... Read More »

Can you achieve the 'film look' in post production, by rendering in 24fps, or does the camera also need it?

"Everybody says that to achieve the film look, you need to be able to record in 24 frames per second""Everybody" is wrong - it's much more complicated than that! Google "film look" and do some fur... Read More »