Buying a printer, but which one do i choose?

Answer As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (though I rarely sold printers since I couldn't compete with the crazy rebates) I have always recommended Epson. The print quality is ... Read More »

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What's the point of buying new printer cartridges when you can just buy another printer...?

You frequently do not get full sized cartridges with printers but only partly-filled "starter" cartridges.In any case, the printers that are cheaper than their cartridges are inevitably at the lowe... Read More »

How to Choose a Car Buying Service?

Many people feel stressed and uncomfortable when they buy a new car. Car buying services provides professional help and can save a lot of money if you choose carefully.

Buying A New Printer....Help!?

buy a cheap laser printer. Ink is to costly, and the inkjet printers usually fail in a couple of years.Try the cheapest Konica colour laser printer all in one.

Buying an All in one printer, Please Help?

Tescos are doing one for £39.99 Its a really good make aswell its EPSOM. search it on google! xxxx