Buying a printer, but which one do i choose?

Answer As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (though I rarely sold printers since I couldn't compete with the crazy rebates) I have always recommended Epson. The print quality is ... Read More »

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I'm buying a new digital camera, can anyone help me choose which one?

Go to this page and near the top of each column, you will see the option to read user reviews. They may be helpful to you.…The 65 has NO optical viewfinde... Read More »

All-in-One printer - Which one to choose?


Which printer should I choose Inkjet, bubblejet laser etc epson hp canon?

I had Epson and it constantly left banding (lines across the paper). I told a friend who had an Epson and found he was having the same problem. I switched to HP. I've got a HP Photosmart all in one... Read More »

What's the point of buying new printer cartridges when you can just buy another printer...?

You frequently do not get full sized cartridges with printers but only partly-filled "starter" cartridges.In any case, the printers that are cheaper than their cartridges are inevitably at the lowe... Read More »