Buying a canon eos ef-s lens soon (need help to compare these two)?

Answer There is a lot that goes into lens design. The size of the lens does not necessarily determine the price. The larger the aperture and the quality of the glass determine price. Size only begins to m... Read More »

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I need help buying a fisheye lens?

Yes, the Canon HF20 has a 37mm lens filter thread. Go to and check to see what is supplied for the lens you chose. BTW, opteka doesn't market any of their lenses as 'Baby Death". That te... Read More »

CAMERA LENS HELP! Getting a 60D soon! need to know which to mount.?

the 18-135 is a multi purpose zoom so it can be for telephoto down to wide angle, and i think the 18-200 was just a retaliation by canon from the nikons 18-200mm, if your looking for greater versat... Read More »

Canon L lens need help?

In those choice the135mm f2L for portrait photography no doubt about it.The 100mm f2.8L Macro is a good choice for macro photography (obviously) and in addition it can be good for portrait as well.... Read More »

Need help on buying camera! Nikon D80 or Canon Rebel xti ?

I actually had the nikon d80 which I only had for about 4 months before I decided to sell it, personally it is a nice camera but not what I was looking for. the picture quality is good but was not ... Read More »