Buying a Nikon D90, which twin lens kit should I get.?

Answer Neither, just get the D90 body and the Nikon 18mm - 200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR for about $760.00 or if want to save a little money and have greater versatility, then get the Tamron 18-270mm ... Read More »

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Does anyone else have a Nikon Lens buying addiction?

As long as you use them all to create images, I don't see an addiction.I have 12 Nikkor lenses and four Leitz lensesI have been buying them since the 1970's

When buying a single lens reflex camera what brand is better canon,nikon or sony?

There isn't a better brand.I use Canon for specific reasons.The big question is Canon vs Nikon; to which I reply:Canon, Nikon, Canon, Nikon, Nikon, Canon... the great debate stretches on and on and... Read More »

Will a fisheye lens macro nikon d60 d40x your 18-55mm lens b fit on my nikon D40 camera?

When photographing highly reflective objects, the lens is far less important than the lighting, and the lighting depends on what effect you are after. This is one of the most difficult, advanced as... Read More »

You recently purchased a quantaray lens 28-200mm D aspherical lens for your nikon D80 camera The lens will not focus on a subject unless you are at least 3 feet away Why is that's?

No. Architectural photography requires control over converging vertical lines. Anytime you shoot a building and don't hold the camera perfectly perpendicular to the building's surface, the vertical... Read More »