Buying RAM: Must it be the same brands size?

Answer The answer to all three is NO. You can buy any brand but it is a good idea to buy each pair the same. (you are right that you should be them in pairs. This will get you the fastest speed possibl... Read More »

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How to Avoid Buying and Using Animal Testing Brands?

Don't you just feel guilty knowing that your shampoo is tested on animals? Or that your dog's food made other dogs go through terrible tests just to see if the tarter control works? To get rid of a... Read More »

Im looking for a good 37-42 inch LCD Television and brands i should look for or avoid buying?

I agree with KV92's assessment about brands. If you are on a budget, I would particularly recommend Panasonic.Since video quality is important to you, keep in mind that a television's picture will ... Read More »

Do all brands of gum make the same size bubble?

It depends on if the. Gum is thick or thin so I guss no

Do they make any brands of tampons in XXXL size?

Have you tried the mattress section at Sears?