Buying From Ebay?

Answer Iv bought many things off of ebay with out any problems. I would say to go for it.

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New to the unlocked phone thing and looking into buying an unlocked iPhone or blackberry storm on eBay how do you know if the phone will work for US Cellular and what to look when buying?

A Griffen just because its thinner but otterboxes also protect reallly well dependswhat kinda user u areGriffen- style otterbox- protection

Is buying from ebay risky?

Don't buy from any seller with a positive feedback score that is less than 99%, & you will be fine.

Would you trust buying this phone of ebay?

hiya, be very care-full,my son bought one from ebay last week, it said brand new, still in box,memory card.worth £120.ans he wants £60. he got it home,as it was near to were he lives,so the man s... Read More »

Buying a cell phone on Ebay...?

If you have it, use PayPal , as you can get your money back!But every experience I have had with eBay has been good, (when they say brand new they are)