Buying From Ebay?

Answer Iv bought many things off of ebay with out any problems. I would say to go for it.

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Is buying from ebay risky?

Don't buy from any seller with a positive feedback score that is less than 99%, & you will be fine.

How to Make Money From Buying Lots on eBay?

Many people would like to make money online but simply don't know how. One way is through buying lots on eBay and then selling each item individually for a profit. For example, let's say you buy a ... Read More »

Is it safe buying an item off ebay thats shipping from Hong Kong?

If you buy things off eBay, you don't have to pass your credit card details on to the seller. Usually sellers prefer to accept payment either via Paypal or by postal order or personal cheque. You c... Read More »

Can you get diseases from wearing somone elses jacket that you don't know like buying it off of eBay?

Some applications are free for download and other are not. Some companys make "Lite" versions of an application which is just a test version of the app to get individuals to buy if they like.Apple ... Read More »