Buy flat screen monitors and do a sceen share -?

Answer The correct term for what you are talking about is called "dual monitors"Well do some research on what a graphics card is. If it's for office work then you don't need a powerful one. You just need ... Read More »

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When were flat screen monitors made?

The first hybrid electroluminescent flat-panel display screen, or more commonly known as a flat screen, was invented by Dr. Xingwei Wu of Canada. His first flat screens, produced in 1996, were 8.5 ... Read More »

Are flat screen monitors better for your eyes?

I have gotten new FLAT screen monitors. What can i do with the old BIG ones Do they resell or recycle?

Donate them. Let's say that you get a buyer at eBay for $10. The Shipping would cost WAY more than the price that you get. If you DONATE them to a qualified 501(c)3 charity, you can deduct the... Read More »

How do I clean a flat sceen monitor?

make sure nothing drips down at the bottom at the seam, because liquid there can short a connection out. besides that, very mild cleaner and a lint-free cloth (Bounty works for me)