Buy a Tablet or Laptop for college?

Answer Stick with the lenovo thinkpad! A tablet for college is the most inconvienant, most regrettable decision I had ever made. If you need to type ANYTHING that requires more than 100 words, stick with ... Read More »

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How do I buy a Gateway tablet laptop?

Go to a computer review site such as Tablet PC review or PC Magazine and type "Gateway Tablet PC" in the search box (see "Resources"). You will get several reviews on these computers. Read the dif... Read More »

Laptop or tablet for travel?

That depends on what you want to do. If all you are interested in is checking email and directions, get the tablet. If you want to download pictures from your camera and attach then to emails or ... Read More »

What is a laptop tablet?

A laptop tablet has a few more features than your basic laptop. The screen swivels and flips over so it can be faceup, and the laptop comes with a stylus and touch screen that allows you to write o... Read More »

Laptop or tablet for portable gaming?

If by cheap games you mean phone games, get a tablet. I prefer android since it's better priced for the money, but osx works too.But if you mean computer/PC games, get a windows PC. I would do the ... Read More »