But dairy and eggs don't actually harm animals, right ?

Answer I'vee another point for you :)6. Who knows what a mother cows goes through emotionally have carried her young for months only to have the baby torn away from her.Try to imagine that from a humans p... Read More »

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Uh... no. Eggs are not dairy. "Dairy" is something involving milk. Chickens do not give milk.If you're thinking in vegan/vegetarian terms, this is why some vegetarians call them selves "ovo-lacto... Read More »

Would you consider eggs a dairy or a meatWhy or Why not?

They are neither. Dairy is a milk product and meat is flesh of an animal.

Any Quorn product that has no eggs or dairy?

I'm pretty sure there is a recent American version that was made vegan, but it hasn't made it over to the UK. Send them an email to ask about it. If they know people want it...Here you go...a quic... Read More »

Vegans: how to maintain the willpower not to eat dairy/eggs?

You know what is a surefire way to keep that willpower and maintain your veganess? :PYou should watch either Earthlings (you an view it on their site), or this magical and amazing speech on youtube... Read More »