Businesses That Supply Farmers?

Answer Farm operations often consist of a number of enterprises, from livestock to growing crops, each with its own specific need for inputs. A variety of businesses provide farmers with the necessary sup... Read More »

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Farmers Crops That Deer & Elk Eat?

Farmers grow a range of different crops throughout the USA, in both home and commercial situations. The long-standing banes of a farmer's livelihood are the animals that take advantage of these cap... Read More »

Suggest an insect that may be useful to farmers?

Ladybugs are one insect that eats plant-eating bugs. Thought of as a gift from god.

What Are Some Things That the Aztec Farmers Planted?

Underpinning their military prowess, sacerdotal rites and bustling commercial enterprises, the Aztecs practiced intensive farming. For generations before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1519, Aztec... Read More »

What Crops Do Farmers Grow That Deer & Elk Eat in Oregon?

Whitetail deer eat over 600 species of plants in North America, according to the Whitetail Deer Hunting website, and this includes many crops grown in Oregon. Elk typically prefer grasses over food... Read More »