Business advice?

Answer since it is no longer legal to kill elephants for their Ivory, this should create and excellent market for human Ivory, although they are much smaller than elephant tusk, there should still be a ma... Read More »

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Web hosting business advice?

Hi, The Best way would be to start with is a reseller web hosting hosting account I have found hostgator is the best for this once you are up on your feet and have a few clients... Read More »

Filipinos and those in business there what would YOUR advice be if--?

Agree with VISA...There are about 300,000 of us expats here, most of us are actually of intelligent mind regardless of what the assumption is...If it were possible for an average expat to make a go... Read More »

Traveling abroad! New Zealand or Australia for business school need advice!?

University of Otago School of Business - The School of Business offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in accounting, business law, entrepreneurship, economics, health inf... Read More »

As a sister what would you do if your brother's wife interfere in your business - give unwanted advice and pass comment on you but you can't tell her anything in a fear of losing your loving brother?

Tell her "I'm sorry but I don't want or need these comments, this is my business and you have your own to worry about like my brother."If she doesn't like it she'll have to get over it.