Business Weaknesses of HP Company?

Answer The Hewlett Packard (HP) technology company has a long-standing history as a technology hardware and software provider. However, like all businesses, HP carries its own distinct set of weaknesses. ... Read More »

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Can your employer force you to put the company name on your auto insurance if you drive your personal vehicle to do company business?

AnswerIf the employer is compensating you for the use of your truck, i.e, a mileage rate, then yes they can ask to be listed as an additional insured. However, if they fail to pay you anything for ... Read More »

My boss insists I use the internet for company business only, should he mind his own business and STFU?

Definitely tell him to STFU. What a jerk. You gotta keep these employers in their place or they'll walk all over you. Send him my heartfelt FU's while your'e at it. The miserly fecker is lucky ... Read More »

What does a company's product mix mean in business?

A product mix is also a sales mix. It is a general mix of the products or services a business promotes to the public to enlarge its market presence and increase sales.References:Business Dictionary... Read More »

How to Start a Hat Cap Business Company?

Hats can be worn for protection against the elements, for fashion or to cover up a bad hair day. Hats and caps are a popular accessory to accent outfits and to make a personal fashion statement. Be... Read More »