Burnt my face tanning today what will help heal it?

Answer Aloe gel works..keep it in the fridge and it also relieves.

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I burnt my finger on a glue gun, will popping the blister make it worse or help it heal?

People say not to pop them. But either way it will heal eventually. Also if its on the tip of ur finger it will most likely pop soon anyway because you touch things so much.

Burnt my face badplease help...:(?

Why baking soda? You poor thing. Leave it alone, put a clean cool cloth on it. Stay inside if you can. If you feel like it is real bad go to emergency room.

How long will my face take to heal?

What will help heal an ear piercing?

I used that gooey antibacterial cream that you put on bandaids. keep the earring in for a while, but massage the cream into the hole if you can. It will be tender for a while but don't worry too mu... Read More »