Burnt finger... ouch.. best remedy?

Answer Keep your finger in a cool cup of water for as long as it hurts. Do NOT put anything else on it. Don't use ice...too cold.When it blisters do not burst it as it may become infected.

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Ouch! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger, how do i get it off?

Coldness will make the swelling go down. Wash your hand in cold, cold water for like 2-5 min or something. Then try washing it with soap to slip it off, but make sure theres something to catch the... Read More »

What is the best remedy for burnt testicles?

Were you blowing out the candles with your butthole? How the hell did you burn your nuts?

I burnt my finger please help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Its just a blister, it will go away in a fewdays, keep it clean so it wont get infected

Quick i just burnt my finger?