Burnt back please help?

Answer after sun? moisturizer?

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I burnt my finger please help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Its just a blister, it will go away in a fewdays, keep it clean so it wont get infected

I burnt myself & I need help! Please. ?

First, cool it with a cold compress. Then apply an occlusive dressing. The air needs to be blocked to stop the pain.Tomorrow you should be fine.

Please help I burnt my finger and now it wont stop hurting?

DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING COLD TO IT. This will make it even worse when you want to take the cold off. I've made that mistake before and the burns last a lot longer if you apply cold things , such as i... Read More »

Back problems please help?

Try to get better posture, so when you sit in a chair have your lower back snug against the chair and keep your back touching the chair. Don't hunch. When you lift things use your legs more than yo... Read More »