Burnt Orange & Burgundy Wedding Colors Themes?

Answer Burnt orange and burgundy colors create a beautifully unique wedding. Use this color combination to create an ambiance of elegance, or a warm depth that reflects the spirit of the desert. Take the ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of burgundy colors?

A burgundy is a red or white wine produced from grapes grown in an area of France known as Burgundy, or Bourgogne. Wine has been cultivated in Burgundy since "viticulture"---the growing of grapes f... Read More »

What paint colors do you mix to make burgundy?

Make the color burgundy by mixing together equal amounts of blue and red and adding a small amount of green. Lighten the burgundy with a touch of white, if desired to achieve the shade you desire.S... Read More »

Asian Wedding Themes?

The Asian continent is a rich melting pot of diverse religions, histories and traditions, and weddings often pay tribute to these cultural differences in a way like no other ceremony can. Since jet... Read More »

What flower has black&orange colors?

Probably the only flower that combines black and orange colors is the tiger lily (L. lancifolium), with its characteristic orange petals sprinkled with black dots. The pansy variety "Bewitched" bea... Read More »