Burning sensation while urinating..?

Answer Easy to fix it sucks though but not everything is a std... you probley have an uti which is an uninary tract biggy hurt like crap though... stop drinking soda or tea least un... Read More »

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Is a burning sensation while urinating a symptom of pregnancy?

Burning Sensations as Symptoms of Pregnancy It is more likely an STD or a UTI.More input from others: I don't think so. It sounds like you could have a urinary track infection or possible STD. Yo... Read More »

Why does diarrhea cause a burning sensation after it comes out?

Well, you asked for it. As food makes its way through the GI tract, the body secretes various enzymes and acids that help to break down the food into smaller and smaller bits so that the food can b... Read More »

Burning sensation in my thumb?

My best answer to you is the seek a neurologist. Only they can test, diagnose and prescribe the appropriate course of action. It could be a number of issues ranging from Reynauds to ulnar nerve d... Read More »

Burning sensation in fingers?

The medical term for this is "paresthesia".