Burning, itching down there?

Answer Yeast infection. Get Monistat or a genaric brand at the store. Then if it doesn't subside within a couple days, see your doctor.

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I used to have a yeast infection but im still itching down there!?

Did you determine your yeast infection on your own or go to a Doctor? As you are still experiencing problems make an appointment to be checked out. Have you ever been to an OB/GYN? At your age, a t... Read More »

Why is my vagina burning & itching?

Could be a variety of things. It's usually a yeast infection. The bacteria yeast are always living inside our bodies. Sometimes if your immune system becomes weak or if you have an imbalanced PH it... Read More »

What are the treatments for burning&itching scalp?

Dry, itchy or burning scalp afflicts many people. It is important to understand what causes your scalp issues to effectively treat them. However, treatment is usually easy, and can be done at home ... Read More »

Bee Sting- Painful swelling next day/burning and itching please help?

I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. Some form of benidryl or antihistamine will help with the itching and possibly the swellin... Read More »