Burned my hand--will it scar (PLEASE READ)?

Answer You don't want it to dry out. What you have been doing is fine. Your body fluids are what liquified the ointment. The new skin underneath needs to be protected and kept supple with either the an... Read More »

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Ok please read this: will you?

If it's not a re-writeable CD (CD-RW) you can't erase it. CD-Rs (the more common write once variety) are so cheap...why would you want to? Just use the old one as a coaster and start fresh with a n... Read More »

How much video will a blu ray hold (please read all))?

You want to convert these files into official blu-ray compliant movies, right? I haven't authored a blu-ray disc myself so I can't say what a nice-looking bitrate would be. But the first thing I th... Read More »


First I would say to get away from the sink by getting a paper towel and wetting it with cold water. Then you can move around. If you have sports wrap or anything wrap it up in that when you go to ... Read More »

Will someone read my financial aid appeal letter please?

i'm going to school for nursing, too!!! anyway, i think the letter sounds great but i would fix the last paragraph and the whole "i promise..." stuff. I wouldn't promise anything. it almost ruins t... Read More »