Burn scarring question?

Answer It won't scar. But if it is only red and not a blister you don't need neosporin. You need aloe vera or a good moisturizer to let the burn heal.

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How to Avoid Scarring After a Deep Peel Burn?

A deep chemical peel is really a second-degree burn of the skin. Deep peels penetrate the dermis and burn off the top layers of skin. A deep peel is a surgical procedure and can only be done by a d... Read More »

What do you put on a burn to reduce scarring and speed healing?

What can I do stop stop my leg from scarring after a bad burn from 4 nights ago?

My brother burnt himself badly when he little. He got a prescription for a medicine called Siladine (not sure of the spelling). He has NOT one trace of a scar!!!!!Several people I know have used ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Hives With Scarring?

Hives are itchy red welts that affect people of all ages. Hives fall into two categories: urticaria are red welts that appear on top of the skin while angioedema is swelling that begins under the s... Read More »