Burger with Fries Veggie Burger with Fries Chicken with Fries Or Fish & Fries Which from this list do->?

Answer Fried fish with fries...and coleslaw! yummy!Goodnight Scooter!! ^_^ *hugs*

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Gyro with Fries Chicken Fingers with Fries Or Fillet Of Fish with Fries Which do u like better?

Onion Rings French Fries Potato Wedges or Curly Fries Which from this list do you like better?

french fries- Wendy's , CJ's , Jack in the Boxonion rings - Chili'scurly fries - Carl's Junior, Jack in the Box

Who fries do you like better mcdonalds or burger kings?

McDonald's are better- they seem crispier.

How many calories are there in a homemade burger and fries?

It depends how you make it! Leaner meat has less fat, so less calories. So if you use good quality, lean, mince, that will lower the calories. If you add egg, or bread, or bacon to the mix, that ... Read More »