Burger King Family Food Name something that's best when it's fresh?

Answer all of the above, also why is b fruit/apples? apples are fruit

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Which fast food burger do you like more Burger King , McDonalds, or Wendys?

Whataburger is the best fast food place ever (it's a Texas thing)! Of the places you named, Wendy's is my favorite because the Chili is awesome.

Burger King Family Foods Game Help?

They're both right AND wrong. According to The #1 answer is B. Car. #3 was C. body. HOWEVER Burger King seems to be lying and using the #3 answer. So when... Read More »

Why does McDonalds and Burger King Now offer Food for $1?

to create a more broader market... if a company can offer a product that is appealing and affordable to the masses, why not if it has been proven to be an effective method of growing a more diverse... Read More »

Burger King Family Feud : Name something people hold on to during an earthquake.?