Burger King Family Feud : Name something people hold on to during an earthquake.?

Answer C. Each other

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Burger king family feud: Name a fruit that goes well with salad. A. Oranges B. Grapes/Raisins C. Apples?

I've put every one of those in a summer pasta salad. Very strange question. For tossed salad, I would go with apples. I use dried cranberries in salad, so the raisin's would go well too.FYI: As ... Read More »

Burger King Family Foods Game Help?

They're both right AND wrong. According to The #1 answer is B. Car. #3 was C. body. HOWEVER Burger King seems to be lying and using the #3 answer. So when... Read More »

Burger King Family Food Name something that's best when it's fresh?

all of the above, also why is b fruit/apples? apples are fruit

Are macdonald, Burger King, KFC, Mos Burger and Popeyes easily found in Zurich and Paris Pricing?

Zurich has MacDonalds (dozens of them) and Burger King (I can only think of 3). Mos Burger and Popeyes, no.A burger, fries and a drink will cost about 12 CHF. Ketchup is extra and you have to order... Read More »