Bullets That Shatter?

Answer Bullets that shatter after hitting their targets can cause a great deal of tissue damage. However, they are often the preferred type of bullets for public and home safety. For hundreds of years, th... Read More »

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How to Shatter a PVC Pipe?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic commonly used to make pipes for chemical and water transport in residential and commercial buildings, as well as factory installations. It can also... Read More »

Do diamonds shatter easily?

No, diamonds do not shatter easily; they are the hardest known natural material. However, diamond jewelry can break, or the diamond can become dislodged from a piece of jewelry, under some circumst... Read More »

How to Freeze & Shatter Off Bolts?

Rusted and corroded bolts can be difficult remove. Some people have resorted to such means such as using a cutting torch or hours of muscle-fatiguing battles with the bolt and a wrench. There are a... Read More »

Why did my glass baking dish shatter?

glass baking dishes break when you take the hot dish out of the oven and set it on a cold surface like metal, tile, stone, etc. I've had one break on me and my grand mother broke 2 on the same day ... Read More »