Building muscle please do not give me a website?

Answer How old are u m8 I am 140 and 12 but am in midway bulk. If u wanna bulk work your muscles to failure eat 4 eggs after and rest a day between then do it for 12-15 weeks then see results

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Which is a better protein for building muscle: Syntha-6 or Muscle Milk?

On One Hand: Syntha-6 BenefitsSyntha-6 is made of fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins so the body gets a steady supply over an eight-hour period. Best taken before going to bed, Syntha-6 has... Read More »

Does meat give you muscle I don't want muscle...?

No, you won't build any muscle by simply eating. To build muscle you need to actually exercise muscles and do some weights. For muscles to grow you need to ate protein rich foods, like meat, AND ex... Read More »

Losing fat and building muscle?

its a different process but can be donethe key is lift weights first 40-60 minsthen after u are done lifting.. go for some cardio 20-30 minsthen finish off with some ab training 5-10 minsreduce the... Read More »

Does building muscle burn fat?

Yes. Building muscle does burn more fat. You may gain weight at first due to muscle gain but it will burn the fat your body doesn't need.