Building and zoning!?

Answer You still need the proper building permits.

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What does R1-10 mean in zoning terms?

Land designated to have R1-10 zoning is for single family residences, where lot sizes must be a minimum of 10,000 square feet. In most towns and municipalities, R1-10 zoning excludes the acceptance... Read More »

What does R-4 zoning mean in Freehold?

In Freehold Township, New Jersey, the zoning code R-4 applies to a residential area that allows 10,000-square-foot lots and 100 feet of frontage. Freehold's Planning and Zoning office website has a... Read More »

What is bulk zoning?

County, city and municipal governments control land use and development by the use of zoning laws. Bulk zoning is a way to control density. Bulk zoning laws regulate building setback requirements, ... Read More »

Zoning Administrator Job Description?

According to American Planning Association, a zoning administrator is the local government official responsible for "administering and enforcing the zoning code and land development regulations, in... Read More »