Building a spare pc..and when I turn it on?

Answer Ok, we assume from what you said that the monitor and cable were tested on a working computer and worked fine. the next link in the chain, is the video card, HOWEVER,......there are some pieces t... Read More »

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How do i turn a spare bedroom into a closet?

An unconventional idea commonly used by empty-nesters, turning a bedroom into a closet fulfills the fantasy of the long awaited walk-in closet. Although not every bedroom successfully converts into... Read More »

What could you turn a spare bedroom into?

If approaching car has turn signal on when you are stopped, do you turn or wait to see if the car will turn t?

You should wait and never assume anything while driving....

When you're in a school parking lot and are about to turn do you need to turn your signals on When can you?

When you are taking your test, always use your turn signal when turning. It's not a bad habit to get into even if it's not for the test.