Building a spare pc..and when I turn it on?

Answer Ok, we assume from what you said that the monitor and cable were tested on a working computer and worked fine. the next link in the chain, is the video card, HOWEVER,......there are some pieces t... Read More »

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What could you turn a spare bedroom into?

How do i turn a spare bedroom into a closet?

An unconventional idea commonly used by empty-nesters, turning a bedroom into a closet fulfills the fantasy of the long awaited walk-in closet. Although not every bedroom successfully converts into... Read More »

How can increase the video memory of my PCAnd where can i download free memory chips.?

Now having thought what other people previously wrote, actually there is a way to set video memory, if you are using onboard video.To increase video memory (shared RAM) you must enter the BIOS and ... Read More »

Other then being a code requirement is there a reason why a plumbing system in a building needs at least one vent to the outside of the building and why not use a sufficient number of Air Admitt?

waste management vs bacteria storage To facilitate the minimum [gravity flow] activity for any type of liquid transfer application(s), [in this case, waste management], one vent will allow liquid m... Read More »