Building a new computer- Bunch of questions!?

Answer Oh, so you are clueless with computers, but you are still building it yourself. Why don't you start by doing some research yourself?

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Building a computer QUESTIONS...?

BUY A BOOK!!! If you're just a beginner, you're an example of the maxim "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"Most modern motherboards have built-in sound, network and graphics - but I only kno... Read More »

Building a computer, some general questions...?

A GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) is what a video card is about. Its main component is a GPU. There are graphics processors included in many CPU (Central Processor Units) that are not nearly to the l... Read More »

Is Yahoo's policy of allowing only English-language questions a bunch of rubbish?

theres international ones for those who cant speak english or dont want to. it makes it easier otherwise imagine all the questions you'll be hunting through to find one in englishand correction to ... Read More »

I found a bunch of porn 'cookies' on the computer, how do I get rid of them?

You can use your internet browser to do it, but I'm going to suggest something better. Note: I'm assuming that you have a Microsoft Windows machine. The best application I've found is called CCle... Read More »