Building a computer me or compusa?

Answer I knew absolutely NOTHING about building computers, but I really wanted to build one for gaming. I saved up my cash and bought all my parts, and when putting it together i simply followed Newegg's ... Read More »

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I didn't ground myself while building a part of my computer. Will my computer be fine?

You should be fine, however if you wanted to ground yourself just hold the case while your installing the CPU. This is the easiest way since you more than likely do not have a static wrist band.

What do you do about compusa extended warranty, now that the stores are closed?

I hate to be one of those people that just copy and paste stuff, but this is right from the site....Technology Assurance Program (TAP). The extended warranty program will be honored for all CompUSA... Read More »

Now that CompUSA, Goodguys an Circuity City have fallen, what is the best electronic store out there?

I would say Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics but there is also places like Wal-Mart or Target, depends on your choice

Building a Computer, need help?

The faster the CPU and the more RAM you have, the more heat you generate. Notice the gamers build their computers with maxi-tower cases and multiple fans. I bought one of these with the clear side ... Read More »