Building a computer for Linux?

Answer Hmm...i've heard problems with AMD CPUs and Linux, but they are much cheaper than Intel on the low end of the market.That GPU is good, but get this one instead. Better company, and better price (if... Read More »

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Free Linux Based Website Building Tools?

The open source movement that gave birth to Linux has also provided the operating system with some of the most powerful tools available for creating, designing and hosting websites for computer use... Read More »

Please help me, install printer hp f2410 for my computer. My computer have a linux operation system.?

Need to have a look around for different drivers, and not those provided by HP.…

I didn't ground myself while building a part of my computer. Will my computer be fine?

You should be fine, however if you wanted to ground yourself just hold the case while your installing the CPU. This is the easiest way since you more than likely do not have a static wrist band.

How much memory does a linux computer contain?

A Linux computer contains as much RAM as has been physically installed. The amount of RAM does not differ based on the operating system that is installed.Source:RAM Definition