Building a Computer, need help?

Answer The faster the CPU and the more RAM you have, the more heat you generate. Notice the gamers build their computers with maxi-tower cases and multiple fans. I bought one of these with the clear side ... Read More »

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I am building a gamer computer , need help?

you would have to change the motherboard, processors only run on motherboards with the right chipset if you dont have the right processor to go with the right motherboard it wont fit in the socket.... Read More »

Building first computer - need help.?

850w is nearly double the minimum requirement for that video card.....aka overkill, even with a monster CPU overclock, 850w is massive for that setup.A well branded 600w 80+ certified PSU will be m... Read More »

Help building a computer?

K here's what I'd do for $700:DVD:…HDD:…Video:…RAM: http://www.neweg... Read More »

Building a computer, Question ( please help)?

If it were up to me, I would choose this…and…and…andhttp://www.newegg.c... Read More »