Buick Ignition Switch Replacement Instructions?

Answer The ignition switch in the Buick is a five-position switch that is the distribution point for most of the car's electrical system. The five positions of the switch are off, lock, accessories, start... Read More »

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Buick Ignition Replacement Instructions?

Removing one or more components in the ignition system of your Buick make take a few or several steps, depending on your particular model and the component you need to service. However, regardless ... Read More »

Buick Thermostat Replacement Instructions?

The thermostat in a Buick motor is a valve that controls the flow of water between the engine and radiator. When you first start your car, the thermostat is closed, blocking coolant from the radiat... Read More »

How to Remove the Ignition Switch From a Buick?

The ignition switch installed in the dashboard of a Buick is responsible for telling the starter to turn over and in turn start the motor. When the switch itself goes out, the starter has no trigge... Read More »

Buick Window Regulator Replacement Instructions?

Replacing a window regulator in your Buick is a necessary step if you notice that one of your windows has become stuck or is unable to close. If this problem occurs it is one which must be dealt wi... Read More »