Bugs & Insects That Look Like Cockroaches?

Answer The cockroach is flat and oval-shaped with antennae that are about as long as its body. It has six legs that are covered with spines and adults have wings, although few cockroaches fly. Some may ha... Read More »

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How many minutes will baygon kill insects such as cockroaches?

baygon spray, they will drop pretty quick if you spray them direct..if they cross through the residual later on they will dies as they groom themselves, minutes or could be hours after they cross t... Read More »

Cockroaches and bed bugs :( help?

Actually, you have a unique situation since you live in a trailer. And you might be able to kill both bugs fairly easily. Heat kills both cockroaches and bed bugs. So in high-heat of July, all y... Read More »

What little bugs / insects am I seeing in my yard?

I would have thought Thrips, but your description of the damage doesn't necessarily suit. These types of pest tend to be very seasonal. They'll likely die off in a few weeks when their enemies get... Read More »

Can you help me identify these insects / bugs?

pill bug or sow bug or roly poly. type in termite in search bar. in bug guide.picture not clear.possible booklicetype in millipede in search search... Read More »