Bugs & Insects That Look Like Cockroaches?

Answer The cockroach is flat and oval-shaped with antennae that are about as long as its body. It has six legs that are covered with spines and adults have wings, although few cockroaches fly. Some may ha... Read More »

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Flying Insects That Look Like Wasps?

Wasps are not popular insects with most people, as they don't provide many of the same benefits as honey bees and yet are extremely aggressive. Many animals don't care for wasps and avoid them, so ... Read More »

Tiny Black Bugs That Look Like Seeds?

Home gardeners often find tiny, black bugs on their plants that look like small seeds. Aphids are small black bugs that gather in colonies on the undersides of plant leaves. Heavy infestations of a... Read More »

Household Bugs That Look Like Dust Particles?

There are a couple of household bugs that are either so small as to be confused for dust particles, or that actually use dust particles to camouflage themselves. Then there are the ones you cannot ... Read More »

Types of Bugs & Insects That Live in Wood?

Insects that live in healthy trees and shrubs are known as primary invaders. Those that reside in stressed and dead wood are secondary invaders. A secondary invader might simply be a nuisance, yet ... Read More »