Bug bite treatment Black Ant Possibly?

Answer The fact this is sensitive and painful to touch or pressure may indicate this is not bite related.More often than not skin abscesses or infections (staph) are mistaken for bitesSpiders and ants may... Read More »

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How do you treat a bug bite possibly a spider?

Bug and spider bites don't usually feel warm. Often this is the bodies immune system fighting infection.If you are certain this is a bite, usually just wash with soap and water, and go on your way.... Read More »

Bed Bug Bite Treatment?

Bedbugs are small ectoparasites that feed off the blood of mammals. They are found mostly in beds and linens, because this is an easy place for them to feed off humans. Bedbugs are often brought in... Read More »

What is the appropriate treatment for a spider bite?

Emergency Response:If you feel this is an emergency, call:Poison Control(800) 222-1222They operate all day every day or night and they don't cost a cent. Answer: First, note that the vast majority ... Read More »

Have you a strange bite ... or have you had orthodontic treatment?

I can tell you that I had an overbite and also crowding. I hated the fact that food kept getting stuck on the crooked part of my teeth and I had excessive drooling. I really felt embarrassed. I dec... Read More »